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    February 2013
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Javelin: Intricate Dance-pop for a New Millennium

by admin

Javelin sounds like my AM/FM radio–every single damned station playing at once, blaring at top volume with a cacophonous purpose. It’s dance-pop for a new millennium’s dazed generation to cut their teeth on.

I recently came across an old friend who mentioned the concert series “One Step Beyond“ at the American Museum of Natural History, and raved about the rhythmic duo Javelin playing live while a genetic simulation video sprawled across the walls. I began to consider the similarities between Javelin’s unlikely musical formation and the codes of human composition, which are eerily similar.

The Brooklyn duo is composed of two cousins, Tom van Buskirk and George Langford. They began playing together in 2004 and took four years to determine a live setlist, as much of their music is dependent on intricate mixing and sampling using various sound systems.

Says George in an interview with Pitchfork, “We could have this stuff all synced up and beat matched, but that’s what everybody does. The minute you put something onto media, it’s two-dimensional. You can just be a DJ and play that music or you can figure out a way to resurrect it.”

And this seems to be the key for Javelin; to break free from digital confines and stagnant broadcasting and bring music live to the masses. Just call them Pirate Radio for short!

Now, Javelin looks to release their second full length, Hi Beams on March 5th via Luaka Bop. Listen to and download Javelin’s newest single “Nnormal” here. They’ll be touring throughout March as well, so keep your radio on and tune in!

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