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Pixtape: Memorial Day Mixes

by Emily

As soon as you finish reading this post we highly advise you to go outside and make some friends. Whether you’re barbecuing, having a few cold ones or, as one of the blogs below points out, icing one of your bros, we hope you have a chilled out and safe Memorial Day.

1. Ten Thousand Islands mix
This compilation from the indie Miami label features Flying Lotus, Caribou, Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, jj, Jacuzzi Boys and 10K’s own Plains.
Download mix via Ten Thousand Islands

2. If your backyard BBQ demands a little hip-hop, soul, reggae or just some noise rock, check out Scissor Kick’s mix featuring Guilty Simpson, Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, El Fata, Nas & Damien Marley, Bonobo and HEALTH.
Download mix via Scissor Kick

3. And if you simply cannot be bothered to follow links and right-click to download these mixes, hit up Slacker Radio or Pandora. There’s a debate about which is better, but try them both for yourself, and let us know if there are better services out there.

Pixtape: Best New Downloads

by Emily

1. Got a Girl Crush mix
You need a soundtrack for daydreaming about your summer crush, and no matter who they are, this mix, largely led by female musicians, will get you off to the right start.
Download mixtape via Got a Girl Crush

2. Phosphorescent – “The Mermaid”
Sometimes it’s easier to gloss over the bad things about relationships, throw in some naked mermaids and you’ve got yourself a situation that ain’t so bad after all.
Download track via Pitchfork

3. Tame Impala – “Solitude is Bliss”
A trippy, fearless exploration of throwing caution to the wind. The Beatles comparisons are inevitable, but at least these guys aren’t trying too hard.
Download track via Aquarium Drunkard

4. Drake – “All Night Long”
Who would have thought hip-hop would get to the point where rappers are lobbing marriage proposals instead of insults?
Download track via The FADER

5. Wolf Parade – “What Did My Lover Say? (Always Had to Go This Way)”
What’s this? Actual rock chords? We’ll take it.
Download track via Aerial Noise

6. Band of Horses – “Laredo”
From their new album, Infinite Arms, this is the sound of uncertainty with a pleasant backdrop.
Download track via KEXP

7. Los Rakas – “Abrazame” (Uproot Andy remix)
Remember that summer crush we talked about? If you step foot on a dance floor in the next few months, this will probably be playing at the end of the night.
Download track via XLR8R

8. Holy Ghost! – “Say My Name”
Catchy bass line, funky synths, moody lyrics. A DFA release for sure.
Download track via Brooklyn Vegan

9. Turk Disco – “Balagan”
If the sight of tourists having the time of their lives in your city makes you long jealously for a foreign vacation, this will hold you over until you save enough dough.
Download track via Palms Out Sounds

10. Sam Amidon – “Cabin in the Corner”
This is as traditional Americana as it gets. Amidon offers nothing new–he sings mostly covers–but news fans are won over by the simplicity.
Download track via Large Hearted Boy

Pixtape: Best New Downloads

by Emily

Want free music? We’ve rounded up the best songs from the interwebz so you can download all in one place, guilt free. Hear jams from The National, Anni Rossi, Tobacco and more.

1. Tobacco “Sweatmother”
Sounds exactly like a Tobacco song should, from the producer’s upcoming Maniac Meat. You can also download a remix of HEALTH’s “Die Slow.”
Download tracks via 20 Watts

2. The National “Afraid of Everyone”
The second single from their upcoming album, High Violet, is heavy and mellow, but not in a depressing way. And given the band’s political interests, perhaps it’s social commentary on the way we interact these days?
Download track via Pitchfork

3. Big Boi “Shutterbug”
Produced by Scott Storch, this is a reminder that Big Boi is still better than half the rappers half his age.
Download track via Refined Hype

4. Jake One “Town Biz”
The hip-hop producer with credits like Freeway, MF Doom, De La Soul and more drops a nostalgic mixtape of the best of Seattle–old and new. (And no, Sir Mix-A-Lot not included).
Download mixtape via the Seattle Times

5. Theophilus London “I Want You” mixtape
Worth it for the cover of Tweet and Missy Elliot’s “Oops” alone.
Download mixtape via The FADER


Pixtape: Best Free Downloads

by Emily

Want free music? We’ve rounded up the best downloads from across the blogosphere so you can download all in one place, guilt free.

1. I’m with Coco Mix
For those of us who think Conan O’Brien got the shaft, Ian Anderson of One for the Team put together this satisfying mix featuring “Say it Ain’t So,” “Lip Service,” “Backstabber” and more. Awesome.
Download mix via Minneapolis Fucking Rocks

2. The Knife “Colouring of Pigeons”
Just as creepy and cool as their other stuff.
Download track via Stereogum

3. Essex Channel “Skinny Dippin’”
This Chicago band just said “screw it” and are making all of their albums available for free download in 2010. Plus they want to go skinny dipping. Right now.
Download track via Windy City Rock

4. Freeway & Jake One “Know What I Mean”
Producer Jake One and rapper Freeway have both had success in the mainstream, but their home on the indie label Rhymesayers makes perfect sense.
Download track via Rhymesayers

5. High Places “On Giving Up”
“Tonight is going to be the night,” the hook repeats. It’s one of those tracks that’s probably supposed to be sort of a downer, but you could actually use it to hype yourself up.
Download track via MBV Music

6. Radiohead “Reckoner” (Nosaj Thing remix)
Nosaj Thing didn’t pick the easiest band in the world to remix, but this is pretty true to the original while introducing some personal touches.
Download track via Stereogum

7. Bok Bok’s Jan 2010 Mix
The London DJ compiled this mix featuring Egyptrixx, Mosco, Terror Danjah, Kingdom and more. It’s heavy on his own crew, Night Slugs, and you know you’d do the same thing if you were making a mixtape for the world.
Download mix via XLR8R

9. Flight “Feels So Good”
Scratchy, catchy lo-fi and good from the first riff.
Download track via The Fader

10. Music for Our Future Mix
Sure, it’s a shill for a SyFy TV show, but the mix–curated by Pitchfork XLR8R and Create Digital Music–stands on its own. Features King Midas Sound, Tyondai Braxton (of Battles), The Field, Atlas Sound and more.
Download mix via XLR8R

Pixtape: Best New Free Downloads

by Emily

Want free music? We’ve rounded up the best downloads from across the blogosphere so you can download all in one place, guilt free. Hear new jams from Dinosaur Feathers, James Pants, Cam’ron and more.

1. The Everybody – Avatar stems
Pixies members David Lovering and Joey Santiago recently released Avatar, and they’re letting fans chop it up, remix it, edit it, reconstruct it or whatever else their little hearts want to do.
Download track via Consequence of Sound

2. Dinosaur Feathers – “Vendela Vida”
A hyped band for actual reason (how often do you get to say that?). From the band’s forthcoming March 2010 release.
Download track via Pop Tarts Suck Toasted

3. Black Thought – “Professional”
Classic Thought from the emcee’s album Master Piece Theatre that never saw the light of day.
Download track via Quiet Color

4. Dinowalrus – “Bead”
Yep, another dinosaur-themed band name in the mix (or at least, that’s how we picture it). Interesting tweaks and twists and turns.
Download track via Stereogum

5. Fort Knox Five – “What Make Ya Dance” featuring Rootz (Kraak & Smaak’s Dutch Oven remix)
Big horns, good percussion, moody synths–ingredients for dancing indeed.
Download track via XLR8R

6. Cam’ron – “Ooh Baby” featuring Vado
We like Yoo-hoo too. Killa!
Download track via 2dopeboyz

7. Citay – “Careful with that Hat”
When a song starts out “Lately I’ve been finding happiness in talking to myself” one assumes it’s a downer. This is the opposite: quirky, upbeat and refreshing.
Download track via Earfarm

8. James Pants – “Thin Moon”
This is the kind of sexy song you can blast and your neighbors won’t really mind.
Download track via Gimme Tinnitus

9. Serena-Maneesh – “Ayisha Abyss”
We like this for its dark mystery and sense that something is lurking right around the corner. But what? 
Download track via MBV

10. Anti-Pop Consortium – “Get Lite” (Tobacco remix)
Anticon’s Tobacco remixes Anti-Pop–a welcome break for former heads who are anti-hip-hop right now.
Download track via RCRD LBL

Pixtape: Best Free New Downloads

by Emily

Want some free music? We’ve rounded up the best free downloads from across the blogosphere so you can download all in one place, guilt free. Hear new jams from Miike Snow, Beach House, Blakroc and more.

1. Miike Snow – “Black and Blue” (Savage Skulls remix)
Singer/songwriter Andrew Wyatt teamed up with Bloodshy & Avant, the Grammy-winning production duo behind Britney Spears’ “Toxic.” (That song is still badass and you know it!). Here Savage Skulls give the group’s “Black and Blue” the remix treatment.
Download track via RCRD LBL

2. Alex Bleeker and the Freaks – “Animal Tracks”
The guitar riffs alone are enough to warrant repeat listens, but we also dig the lilting vocals about simple summer times.
Download track via The FADER

3. The High Wire – “Leave Me in Love”
For all the times when you feel like tossing pride out the window, throwing caution to the wind and calling up that old flame to confess your continued love. If only it were that simple.
Download track via IM//UR

4. Pink Skull – “When Falling Straight Through a Goat”
Not only does this weirdness feel like a movie score (always a good thing in music), but it also wins the award for craziest song title of the month.
Download track via Feel My Bicep

5. Blakroc featuring Raekwon – “Stay Off the Fucking Flowers”
This one comes in a close second for crazy song title, but once the beat drops and the bass kicks in you’ve long forgotten it has anything to do with flowers, euphemism or not. Blakroc is, of course, The Black Keys’ collaboration with hip-hop artists. And it’s no fluke; the Ohio boys are true heads.
Download track via Pop Tarts Suck Toasted

6. Beach House – “Norway”
Yes, it’s the song everyone’s been talking about, but don’t let the blogosphere hype scare you away from their dreamy sound. The band was also kind enough to offer a .wav file for all the audiophiles out there (yes, you).
Download track via Stereogum

7. CFCF – “Big Love”
What’s with resurgence in Fleetwood Mac fascination? Must be something in the air; we’ve been blasting “Rhiannon” non-stop lately. Here Montreal DJ CFCF takes a stab at their ’80s joint “Big Love.”
Download track via My Old Kentucky Home

8. Lykke Li – “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”
The Swedish singer appears on the New Moon soundtrack alongside fellow UI artist Hurricane Bells. Here she provides a sweet take on The Shirelles’ “Will You Love Me Tomorrow.”
Download track via Gorilla vs Bear

9. Johnny Holiday – “Nobody Loves Me but My Mama”
Think you’ve heard dirty garage rock? You ain’t heard dirty garage rock.
Download track via Soul Sides

10. Drop the Lime – “Devil’s Eyes” (Diplo’s B-Live Mix)
Both Drop the Lime and Diplo are seemingly omnipresent, but with trunk-rattling, ass-shaking joints like this, who can tell them to stop?
Download track via XLR8R

Pixtape: Best New Free Downloads

by Emily

Pssst! Want some free music? We won’t tell. Here at Uncensored Interview we round up the best free downloads from across the blogosphere so you can download all in one place, guilt free.

1.Gorilla vs Bear Halloween mixtape
The opening alone lets us know it’s definitely the fall season, plus there’s no track list which is kind of cool. You actually have to guess or humbly ask your friends like the old days.
Download track via Gorilla vs Bear

2. Dam Funk – “Hood Pass Intact”
This dude never ceases pumping out the jams. Perfect for pretending you’re on vacation someplace where the weather is warm, the people are attractive and there’s a party on the horizon.
Download track via XLR8R

3. Lowell Brams – “Dream About Vince Guaraldi”
Trippy, jagged and freakish with a soft, piano-filled (what else?) middle.
Download track via Fluxblog

4. Yeah Yeah Yeahs (A-Trak Remix) – “Heads Will Roll”
A-Trak doesn’t search for the song’s hip-hop roots, but does make it more dance-worthy than the original.
Download track via Discobelle

5. Neon Indian – “Terminally Chill”
Spacey vocals over lo-fi beats and whimsy synth lines from a Mexican-born Texas-raised 21-year-old with three musical identities. Take that.
Download track via Pop Tarts Suck Toasted

6. Bodega Girls – “Ain’t that Cold”
You want these boys to play your next party, trust us. So cold!
Download track via RCRD LBL

7. Clipse featuring Cam’ron – “Popeye’s”
Clipse ride the beat nice and Cam does his usual ridiculousness, including a shout out to your mom.
Download track via FADER

8. Gaslamp Killer – “Baiafro”
We’re not really sure where this is heading but the anticipation builds the whole time, sort of like a confusing foreign film noir where you don’t fully understand what’s going on, despite subtitles. We dig.
Download track via RCRD LBL

Yoshimi P-We brings a little uplift to the game with her all-female band.
Download track via MBV

10. Lazer Sword – “Koopa Boss Mode”
Remember when you were getting ready to battle the boss in the original Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. and your heart would start racing and you’d look at your friend and squeal and you’d wipe the sweat from your hands right before going in? This is that feeling, twenty years later.
Download track via XLR8R


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